The Location


Sardinia Apartment for rent

The apartment is located 5 minutes drive from the nearest town of Castelsardo which was founded in the X11 Century by the Genovese family of Doria, situated on the summit of a rocky pronomitory in a strategic position dominating the harbour.

It is a steep but rewarding ascent through the streets and steps to Castelsardo's Old Quarter, where you will find the heavily restored Castello and the stunning Church of Santa Maria.  The Church holds a special place in the hearts of the local population, as the repository for the Black Christ, a 14th Century crucifix which plays a major role in the Spectacular Easter procession.    There are a number of atmospheric restaurants and wine bars scattered amongst the ancient dwellings which are well worth sampling or you may choose to simply view the spectacular views and sunsets from this ancient vantage point.   As you descend, you will see the large terrace which accommodates Castelsardo's Cathedral, 'Sant'Antonia Abate, superbly located overlooking the sea.

In the new town, you will find an abundance of shops, supermarkets, economical restaurants, pizzerias and several ice cream parlours.   During the summer months, the popular Sax Bar often has live jazz sessions on a Thursday evening where children are welcome.  The Sax Pizzeria next door, produces excellent pizza with prices ranging from only 4 euros.    

If you wish to sample traditional Sardinian food whilst viewing a sensational sunset over Castelsardo, visit Ristorante Rocca Ja, located on Via Sedini, ask to be seated on the terrazza panoramica.   For a special occasion and if you would prefer to sample contemporary Sardinian cuisine, visit Baga Baga, located on the outskirts of Castelsardo close to Rocca Ja, where once again you will be rewarded with breathtaking sunsets. 

For watersports enthusiasts you will find a variety of windsurfing and diving schools located along the coastline to accommodate your needs.  Castelsardo also boasts a fine harbour, small boats can be hired from both here and Isola Rossa. 

On the coast road heading back to Alghero, you will find Castelsardo's more sedate water park, where as, the new and more adventurous waterpark can be found on the main road heading towards Isola Rossa.

You will also find a large and well stocked supermarket in Valledoria, which is worth a visit for its selection of wines and Sardinian produce.   Valledoria also has an abundance of very reasonable restaurants and a fine patisserie, where you can buy freshly baked croissants. 


 Sardinia Apartment for rent

La Roccia dell'Elefante – a rock similar to an elephant with it's trunk turned toward the road. This formation is one of the most spectacular manifestations of limestone wind erosion.   Roccia dell'Elefante is a national landmark with its profile used on millions of postcards and is located only 2 minutes from Residence San Giovanni, an ideal landmark to use should you become lost!

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The Beaches

The beaches surrounding Castelsardo are quieter than those closer to Alghero or the Cost Smeralda, bestowed with fine white sand and clear blue water.  The nearest beaches are Lu Bagnu and beaches of Valledoria, Lu Bagnu has good swimming in generally calm waters.   In addition, the acclaimed beaches of Isola Rossa and Badesi Mare are only a short drive away.