Corsica and La Maddalena Islands

If you are staying in Sardinia a little longer why not try a day trip to Corsica or La Maddalena Islands. During the summer months ferries regularly leave from Santa Teresa di Gallura to Corsica and from Palau to La Maddelena Islands - around 1 and 1/2 hours' drive from the apartment.


Corsica and Sardinia are separated by just 11km and a regular ferry service transports cars and people between the two in less than an hour. Corsica is an island with a fascinating past and is most famous as Napoleon Bonaparte's place of birth. Corsica is a French island, there are both French and Italian influences plus a uniquely Corsican flavour.

There are close to 200 beaches on the island - fine and coarse white and golden sand beaches, plus pebbly beaches made up of millions of sea-moulded stones of every colour; and because of the nature of the landscape many of Corsica's beaches are hidden coves accessible only on foot or by boat.

La Maddalena Islands

The alluring archipelago La Maddalena consists of seven large and twenty smaller islands all of which have been made a national park owing to their unique wildlife and vegetation. Although the ferry from Palau takes visitors to the largest of La Maddalena‘s islands, this island paradise, with its remote and unspoiled bays, is best explored in a rented boat. Visitors who are having a lucky day might catch a tantalizing glimpse of dolphins frolicking in the crystal clear water.

On the main Island of La Maddalena, 'La Maddalena town' is a charming place which has prospered through tourism. There are an abundance of bars, shops and restaurants.