About Sardinia

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Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, close to mainland Italy and Corsica. The Island has over 2,000 kilometres of coastline, boasting an abundance of spectacular white sandy beaches encompassed by a kaleidoscope of sapphire and emerald waters.

Just over 2 hours flight from the UK, with secluded beaches, rugged cliffs, thrilling and dramatic mountain scenery, Sardinia is an unpretentious and unaffected island of outstanding natural beauty.

Sardinia Apartment for rent

Settlement by the Carthaginians, the Romans, the Byzantines, Spanish and the Piemontese have enhanced the vibrancy and rich culture of the Island and resulted in a fascinating and unique heritage.

A legacy of the Islandís multicultural past is the cuisine, rich in natural ingredients and flavours which are guaranteed to excite the pallet. The cuisine is complimented by a diverse range of high quality wines which are increasingly gaining international kudos.